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The following rules have been put in place by the Board members for the PACC reopening on Monday, February 8:

1) Masks must be worn on the premises, when entering and exiting the Club, and at any time other than when seated.

2) Hand sanitizing will be asked of all members upon entering the Club and when returning from the lavatory.

3) Temperature checks will be made by the bartenders on all patrons upon arrival. Below 100 degrees will be considered safe.

4) Proper social distancing, following NY State rules, will be mandatory by all patrons. Small groups not from the same household will be required to sit at a table. Six foot distancing at the bar will be mandatory by all patrons, other than 2 - 3 people from the same household. No standing or congregating at the bar will be allowed.

It is the job of the Board at the PACC to protect the Membership and the working Volunteers during these trying times and we greatly appreciate your cooperation!

Please be safe and considerate, and enjoy our great Club!PACC Board of Directors

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